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Sui-Sin Far (Edith Maude Eaton) (1865-1914)

Sui-Sin Far

Selected Bibliography on Sui Sin Far

  • Teaching Sui-Sin Far. Sui-Sin Far scholar and biographer 
    Amy Ling's article at the Heath Anthology site. 
  • Brief biographical sketch from a page advertising Annette White-Parks's biography of Sui-Sin Far.
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  • Picture of Sui Sin Far's grave.
  • Critical articles online:
  • Information and links  from the Bedford/St. Martin's Press site.
    Image courtesy of the Legacy site. 
  • Selected Works Now Online

    Mrs. Spring Fragrance (1912)
    "A Chinese Ishmael" (1899)
    "A Love Story from the Rice Fields of China" (1911)
    "The Bird of Love" (1910)
    "Chan Hen Yen, Chinese Student" (1912) 
    "An Autumn Fan" ( August 1910)" 

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