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Bret Harte (1836-1902)

Bret Harte

Selected Bibliography on Bret Harte

Brief Biography at the San Francisco History Page
"California Literature" by Arthur Inkersley, Museum of San Francisco 
"Francis Bret Harte" by Warren Cheney, Overland Monthly, January 1883
"Bret Harte, Mark Twain, and the California Circle" from A Literary History of the American West
A Tramp through the Bret Harte Country (1914) by Thomas Dykes Beasley. This travel book includes conversations with settlers who knew Harte and Mark Twain.  

Image courtesy of the Museum of  the City of  San Francisco
Works Available Online

At the Online Books Project (University of Pennsylvania)

Condensed Novels
Condensed Novels Second Series: New Burlesques
Devil's Ford_
The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh, and Other Tales
In the Carquinez Woods
A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready
_Snow-Bound at Eagle's
A Waif of the Plains
Mr. Jack Hamlin's Meditation and Other Stories
Openings in the Old Trail
Tales of Trail and Town
The Three Partners
Two Men of Sandy Bar
Under the Redwoods
Tales of the Argonauts, and Other Sketches
Poems and Stories Selected for Schools and Colleges (1912) at the Making of America Project

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Selected Poems by Bret Harte (from the California Poetry Journal)

"The Mission Bells of Monterey"
"The Old Camp-Fire"
"Crotalus " Rattle Snake Bar, Sierras
"The Mountain Heart's--Ease"
"San Francisco"
"To A Sea Bird"