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Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

Walt Whitman

Selected Bibliography on Leaves of Grass
Common Questions on Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman, America's Poet (PowerPoint) (web)

  • Walt Whitman Hypertext Archive. This excellent and innovative site by Professors Ed Folsom of the University of Iowa and Kenneth Price of the University of Nebraska is an essential stop for those working on Whitman. See the biographical sketch of Whitman at this site for good information about him.
    (Photo courtesy of this site)
  • Walt Whitman and Slavery.  Part of the excellent Whitman and Dickinson project, this site by Kenneth M. Price of the University of Nebraska includes a critical essay, a bibliography, quotations, and teaching materials. 
  • Poets.org Guide to Leaves of Grass. An 8-page .pdf file that provides a good introduction to the poet and the reception of the work along with a close reading of "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry."
  • Foregrounds and Apprenticeships.  This site focuses on Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman, including Dickinson's relationship with Thomas Wentworth Higginson and Whitman's with Emerson. It contains a timeline, excerpts from letters and criticism, and a bibliography.
  • Looking for Whitman. An NEH-sponsored site on digital pedagogy focused on Whitman. new
  • "Walt Whitman's Democracy" by Walter Blackburn Harte (1892)
  • An essay on Drum-Taps by Angel Price at the University of Virginia's Crossroads site. 
  • "Walt Whitman and the Development of Leaves of Grass." Online catalogue and descriptions of an exhibit curated by Anthony Szczesiul at the University of South Carolina library.
  • Selected Works  Online 

    Visit the Walt Whitman Archive for all editions.

    Leaves of Grass (1900). Illustrated HTML version from Project Bartleby.

    Whitman's Notebooks at the Library of Congress's American Memory Collection. These four notebooks from the Thomas Biggs Harned Collection were lost in 1942 and recovered in 1995. They contain some early fragments of Leaves of Grass.

    "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" from Leaves of Grass (Philadelphia: David McKay, 1892). HTML at the University of Toronto. 

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