Exam 2 Study Guide

Note: This page is intended as a guide, but it may not cover everything. Material not listed here might appear on the exam.

The notes you took in class should be your best guide. Check the American Author pages at http://www.wsu.edu/~campbelld/amlit/aufram.html for other resources.

You will not be able to use your book or notes on this exam. Bring notebook paper with you (no blue books) so that you can write the essay portion.

I. Format.  Exam 2 will consist of three to four parts:

It will be planned to last the normal class time (75 minutes), although you can have the full 2 hours to complete it.

II. Works Covered (You should know title, author, main characters, and the significance of scenes and events)

III. Terms and Concepts

IV. Potential Essay Questions.

1. Essay questions may ask you

2. In what ways do authors such as Harjo, Alexie, Walker, and Espada explore the idea of the theft of their heritage and their attempts to recover it? Choosing any two authors, write a thesis and develop an essay that addresses this question.

3. Compare and contrast perspectives on the relationship between human beings and technology in any two writers (Coupland, Thurber, Stephenson).

4. Compare the views of nature in poems by Stevens and Frost.

5. How do any two authors use history and historical figures in their fiction or poetry (Harjo, Espada, Alexie, Stephenson, Faulkner)?

6. In what ways do any two authors use the idea of the American dream, and how do they symbolize it within their works?

7. How has the role of women in courtship changed?