Realists and Naturalists


Clues Across
1. Author of "The Blue Hotel"
3. The girl Winterbourne studies in James's work
6. Author of The Age of Innocence
8. His "rise" is the subject of Howells's most famous novel
12. Literary movement sometimes described as "pessimistic materialistic determinism"
13. Dreiser's Sister _______.
14. Creator of Isabel Archer, Milly Theale, Daisy Miller
16. Author of "Return of a Private" and Rose of Dutcher's Coolly
17. One of the main factors influencing human behavior, the other being "environment"
Clues Down
2. Author of McTeague
4. French naturalist who wrote "The Experimental Novel"
5. His best-known work is Call of the Wild
7. Friend of James and Twain, this famous critic and novelist wrote A Modern Instance and "Editha" among other works
9. Author of An American Tragedy
10. The first name of the heroine of The House of Mirth
11. Norris's epic trilogy, left uncompleted at his death: The Octopus, The Pit, and (The Wolf)
15. Crane's story: "The Open ______"
1 2
3 4
6 7
9 10
11 12
14 15