Edith Wharton Quiz

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1 What was Edith Wharton's first published book?
The Greater Inclination
The Touchstone
The Decoration of Houses
The House of Mirth

2 What famous American author was Edith Wharton's good friend and traveling companion?
William Dean Howells
Henry James
Mark Twain
Stephen Crane
Willa Cather

3 At about what age did Edith Wharton publish her first book of short stories?

4 Lily Bart is the heroine of which Wharton novel?
The Fruit of the Tree
The House of Mirth
Ethan Frome
The Age of Innocence
The Custom of the Country

5 Published in 1917, this book set in the New England town of North Dormer featured a young heroine who falls in love with a visiting architect.
Ethan Frome
The Children
The Age of Innocence
The Glimpses of the Moon

6 For which work did Edith Wharton win the Pulitzer Prize in 1921?
The House of Mirth
Ethan Frome
The Custom of the Country
The Buccaneers
The Age of Innocence

7 Wharton edited The Book of the Homeless and wrote Fighting France: From Dunquerque to Belforte to provide relief for refugees during what war?
World War I
World War II
Franco-Prussian War
Spanish-American War
None of the above

8 In 1923, Edith Wharton was honored as the first woman to receive an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from what university? (Hint: Her papers are now at this university's library.)
Johns Hopkins

9 Which Edith Wharton novel features the character Mattie Silver and a near-fatal sledding accident?
The Reef
Ethan Frome
The Fruit of the Tree
Hudson River Bracketed
The Mother's Recompense

10 Although she traveled extensively before and after this time, after about 1913 Edith Wharton lived primarily in which country?
United States