Evaluation of Web Projects (wikis and web pages)


Criteria for Evaluation

Possible Points



1. Analysis

  • Does the site include sufficient analysis, enough for an 8-10 page paper? Does it significantly expand the reader’s understanding of the text or concept?
  • Is the analysis of high quality, making in-depth, original, and interesting points about the work?
  • Does the site simply repeat material covered in class, or does it expand on those ideas?
  • Are assertions backed up by references to the text?
  • Does the analysis look closely at the text (if this is part of the project) and provide a logical and fresh interpretation of it?
  • Are unfamiliar terms and concepts explained correctly? Are any unfamiliar terms left without explanations?
  • Are the sources used legitimate scholarly sources, such as peer-reviewed journals or books, or are many less scholarly (i.e., Wikipedia or fan sites)?




2. Writing

  • Is the quality of writing at the site clear and fluent?
  • Are the paragraphs or units of analysis unified and coherent? Do sentences flow smoothly within them, or are there instances of choppiness or wordiness?
  • Are the sentences grammatically correct? Are there instances of major errors such as comma splices, fragments, and fused sentences?
  • Are the sentences free from errors in parallelism, agreement, pronoun reference, and so on? Are they free from wordiness and ambiguity?




3. Mechanics

  • Are the mechanical features of writing (capitalization, punctuation, and so on) correct?
  • Are titles punctuated correctly?
  • Is a reference list of links or Works Cited page included?
  • Are sources cited correctly using MLA style?




4. Site

  • Is the site easy to navigate? Does it include a table of contents, a home page with links, or other devices to facilitate navigation?
  • Is the site’s use of hypertext features (like links) logical and easy to follow?
  • Is the site attractive and visually appealing? If it uses images or sounds, do they contribute to the overall experience of visiting the site?
  • If materials are taken from other sites, are they appropriately cited, with a link back to the originating site?
  • Does the site provide the names of those who created it?




5. Rationale




  • Is the rationale present?
  • Does it effectively explain the purpose and design of the site?
Total for wiki/web project 100