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Bibliographies for M. A. Examinations

Donna Evans

Bibliographies and Rationales for Ph. D. Examinations

Newly added:

Jennifer Lodine-Chaffey, British Literature 1485-1600 including Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama, 17th Century British Literature (excluding Shakespeare), and an outside reading list focused on early modern understandings of death, identity, and execution

Amber Strother, American Fiction since 1945, Theories of Gender and the Body, Speculative Fiction: Reproduction and Biotechnology



Matt Frye, Area 1: Rhetorical Theories, from Plato to Perelman, Area 2: Composition Studies: Writing and Learning, Special Area Bibliography: Learning Theories & Composition Studies

Jared Anthony (Classical Rhetoric, Composition, Validity Rationale, Validity Bibliography)

Lai Sai Acon-Chan ([Separate files] Postcolonial Theory; Genre Exam: The Historical Novel; Special topic: interactions of memory, history and story in the postcolonial Hong)

Amina Ben Ezzedine (Classical Rhetoric; Cultural and Postcolonial Studies; Special Area: Feminist Cultural and Postcolonial Bibliography)

Cori Brewster (Special Area Rationale and List:Ethnographies of Discourse; Classical Rhetoric; Composition History and Theory).

Donna Evans (Composition, Rhetorical Theory, Space, Place, and Political Economy)

Kris Kellejian (Composition Theory; Contemporary Rhetoric; Critical Pedagogy)

Wendy Olson (Composition Theory; Contemporary Rhetorical Theory; Rhetorics of Political Economy)

Alex Parrish (Classical Rhetoric, Rhetoric of Science, Literary Darwinism)

Chris Ritter (Composition Theory, Contemporary Rhetoric, Videogame Studies)

Michael Sutcliffe (Composition Theory, Contemporary Rhetorical Theory, Prison Studies & Theory)


Literary Studies

Lisa Anderson (Modern British Literature, Postcolonial Theory, Spectatorship, Surveillance and Spatiality in the Postcolonial Anglophone Novel)

Mary Anderson (Contemporary American; Critical Race Theory: An Application to African American Women Writers of the Twentieth Century; Somatic Theory)

David Tagnani, Ecocriticism, Transatlantic Romanticism, American 1865-1945

Marie Drews (American Literature 1865-1945; Contemporary American Literature: 1946 to the present; Eating American, Writing America: Women and Food in the 20th Century; Special Area Proposal)

Laura Godfrey: (American Literature 1865-1945; Gender Theory; Women Writers and the Late Nineteenth/Early Twentieth Century American West: Mary Hallock Foote,Sui Sin Far, and Mourning Dove)

Hilary Hawley (American Literature 1865-1945; American Literature since 1946; Ecocriticism, Water, and the West)

Marina Malkova (Contemporary American Literature; Postcolonial Theory; Imagining Caribbean Sexualities, Carnivals and Histories: Local Literatures and Tourist Discourses; Special Area Proposal)

Julie Meloni (separate files)(American Literature 1800-1865, American Literature 1865-1945, Textual Studies and Digital Humanities)

Joelle Moen (separate files) (American Literature 1865-1945, American Literature 1945-present, Race Science)

Verena Theile (British Literature 1485-1600 [including Shakespeare]; Seventeenth-Century British Literature [excluding Shakespeare]; Occult Philosophy and Renaissance Thought and Literature)

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